A dream come true of every girl out there.

Dear John Ambrose Mc Claren,

When you were in the mere history I never felt the warmth for you. I was so obsessed with Peter and Lara Jean. I never thought that you were watching over Lara jean when she was keenly watching over Peter during the game spin the bottle.
I never imagined neither you coming back all grown nor your letter. I was overwhelmed when Lara Jean planned to call you for the party at the tree house. You charmed everyone the way you always did. Why didn’t you ever come back to meet Lara Jean if you really had feelings for her? I wish you were a little expressive. I wanted to justify that you too had similar feelings for Lara.

Listen Johnny, Lara Jean always had that love for you which stopped her confessing about her relationship with Peter to you even when you guys were working together at Belleview.
I felt so bad for you when you came to know about their relationship at the party. Still, you never left her. You always tried being at her side as her best friend at least. And I love you for that. You were just perfectly made for the UNO Party that night, dressed up like a soldier dashing in red convertible mustang driving all the way to pick LJ. You were like a real MAN every girl would have ever dreamt of.
It’s so amazing to have a friend like you. You played every role up to the expectations. Either a best friend or a boyfriend. You are just a gem. I keep coming up with different scenarios in my head. What if John Ambrose met Lj before Peter ever happened? What if Johnny confessed at the eighth grade?

Can you answer me, Johnny? Can you write me back? *I’m going to say it just this once since you’ll never hear it anyway. Good-bye Johnny!* P.S. Chocolate Cake became my fantasy just because it’s your favourite