"An allegorical tapestry of artists' struggles against a world intent on stifling their creativity. This book echoes through forgotten attics and moonlit dreams, celebrating the relentless spirit of the artistic soul fighting to reclaim its freedom and unleash its inner symphony."
"Embark on a journey of love, sacrifice, and self-discovery as you delve into the pages of this heartfelt tale. Join Eshana and Dhruv on their seven-year odyssey, where love transcends dreams and uniforms, revealing the true essence of the human heart. Each word is a whisper of emotion, each page a testament to the power of love's transformation. Open this book, and let its message resonate within you, leaving an indelible mark on your soul."
I advise prospective authors to develop their creative and disciplined sides. Give yourself permission to be inspired by the surroundings, by the tales that are just waiting to be told, and by the feelings that are rising within of you. Don't forget to establish a consistent writing schedule. Even on days when you're not feeling creative, schedule time each day or week to write. You'll refine your skill and transform your inspiration into something practical by engaging in this regular exercise. - Ajit Sharma
The different colors of life include challenges, sadness, happiness, and more. Most of us have faced various aspects of life like difficulties, sorrow, and joy. Life, in all its forms, imparts lessons, and as we journey through its diverse stages, I've attempted to gather all the insights and wisdom in one book. These reflections represent the voices of those currently experiencing these phases or those who have already endured them. 'Dil Ki Batein' recounts these experiences and aims to resonate with your emotions, serving as your own narrative. - Amit Kumar Jha
After a career in banking and finance, I had a surprising shift in direction towards writing when I met other fans of a popular Indian TV show on a social media platform. I was inspired to write about how much I loved the show and how much I hated the characters and plot. Writing fanfiction for one program led to another, and it seemed like a logical next step for me to write traditional literature. It gave me the opportunity to give the imaginary people in my head life on paper by leading them through fantastic stories. I work as a content writer during the day to support my love of books, shoes, and cold coffee. when I'm not tapping away on my laptop with my tip - Payal Mathur.
Hi, I’m Swati Goyal. I’m a housewife, and mother of two very talented children. We are all students of life, and “THE STAGE” in my life taught me empathy. It taught me to observe and understand how the world is filled with various shades of life. My friends inculcated a love for writing in me. The Nestor is my debut book, and it focuses on the very basic fact, that I learned in life is, that this life is 100% our responsibility.“I believe everyone can fly, all you need is determination and courage to support your aim”. The Nestor has been a beautiful Journey for me, hope it continues to stay with you forever.
You Don't Suck By Allison Ching delves into the realities of what it takes to live a more meaningful life and accomplish one's goals.
Shefali is a gifted Channel of God Mother and God Father and the Divine Beings of light, including Archangels and other hierarchy of Angels, who work with the Divine and their luminaries to create a beautiful world with heartfelt literature. Her literary work covers a wide spectrum of themes such as intellect and wisdom in the form of her tarot deck based on the ‘Universal Laws’ named “Tarot of the Cradle”, which is narrated by the Divine Duo of God Mother and God Father, and fun and fantasy, in the form of her book Enchantland which is based on a real-world which exists somewhere in the Creation/Universe and Cradle of God Father and God Mother. Shefali is an Automatic Writer as well as a gifted Tarot Reader, Passionate Artist, and a Creative person. She writes with her heart and soul to help people understand God's Mother and God's Father and listen to their voices.
You'll go on a deep journey through the complexities of falling in love, heartbreak, hope, and healing within these pages. You will experience the enchantment of love, the agony of heartbreak, the mystical force of hope, and the bittersweet journey to recovery through these poems, or "lyrics," as the author likes to refer to them. Despite being a poetry book, the writing style makes it read like a narrative. Three sections make up the book: Falling in Love, Heartbreak, and Healing.
Simmy is an HR specialist with a strong interest in human psychology. She studied law as well. In addition to writing, she is a passionate traveler and reader. Bangalore, India, is her home base.