Review: “At the Threshold of Love” – Namita Sonthalia

Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

The Blurb:

They fell in love-unaware that it had happened! But the passion that lay veiled within, would that be enough to re-write their future together?

Ahaana runs an event management company called ‘The Threshold of Love’ with her childhood friend, Ansh. Celebrating love in the lives of her clients, she is unknown to the emotion herself.

Only until business tycoon, Ronit Malhotra arrives at her doorstep to get his wedding planned. At first sight, she experiences what weak knees are, but is unable to come to terms with the emotion love.

As fate may have it, Ronit too cannot stay oblivious to Ahaana’s charm and charismatic magnetism.

When things spiral out of control, Ahaana meets the fun-loving stranger Soham at her cousin’s wedding. As an arranged marriage is set between them, will true love and passion make way into the inevitable and re-do what destiny has already carved?

Join their roller-coaster journey to find out how the mind and hearts are tossed around At the Threshold of Love.

My Review:

A girl with extravagant dreams remains intact from the very beginning, with less inclination towards marriage and more towards her dreams. Ahaana, the protagonist who runs her own event management company, The Threshold Of Love celebrates this undue emotion which every individual has experienced at some point or another, even though her soul hasn’t really been there till then, but life had a different plan as she met a new client.

Ronit Malhotra, a business tycoon in the industry of Bangalore wants to get his wedding planned, but when two souls are meant to be destiny does play it’s cards so was the case with him, but they too parted their ways again only to reunite.

This raw emotion has been depicted well in this book, while the cover of the book will tempt you to pick up the book, the blurb will definitely make you by it.

Along the way of their lives, another emotion and relation which plays a side card is a complicated role of a friend, Soham. What happens when a love triangle builds between the three of these characters? And how dos the things resolve and how do one really walks out with a win-win solution?

With a dynamic and smooth writing style, the author of the book Namita Sonthalia will take you on a commendably awesome rollercoaster ride of love and friendship, of relationships, constraints, and forevers!

Recommended to all the romantic figs out there. In this season of love, this can be your best companion.