Book review: ‘Songs of the Reed’ by Heena Singhal

One of the most beautifully poetic books we have come across, ‘Songs Of The Reed’ has become our absolute favourite. It is absolutely unbelievable to say that it is a debut novel, which speaks for itself of the calibre of the author. With a blend of contemporary fiction and drama, it encapsulates everything that is needed for a book to make it a worthy read. The metaphors, the poetry, the uncanny symbolism to Rumi; everything about this book says that it is meant to be read by every reader out there. Everyone that understands literature and believes in good writing.

The book talks about Noor and Reva, and how their shared and secret history leads them to each other, but through different journeys. The book talks about Kashmir as a whole from the POV of both Hindus and Muslims, which makes the narrative even more interesting, making us understand the story from various important perspectives. The character graph, and growth is beautiful, with each character given a past that makes them important and worthy of the story. The picaresque beauty of Spain and Kashmir is evident, and enhances the background and language of the book. The history of Kashmir stands out, and it makes us realise the pain that Kashmiris went through. The intricacy with which this book holds the past and present together is one of the most valuable aspects of the narrative. Above all, this book is an ode to Rumi. Having been titled after one of Rumi’s poems, this book is a deep dive into the realms of love, loss, passion, grief, and everything in between. Heena has encapsulated a wonderful story in her debut book which seems like a fairytale in itself, and we cannot recommend this book enough.

If you haven’t yet picked this book up, please, please do. Make this your next read. Stories like these do not come often enough, and when they do, not reading them is the biggest sin one can make.

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