Why is straight the default?

Dear Simon,

Simon Spier, which means the one who hears & sees. Yes, indeed you have a photographic memory. When I think of you, I pretty much think about how similar we are, an awkward teen who is funny, calm, emotional, dramatic & someone who tries to be the best friend the world can ever receive.

Believe me when I say this, you’re one of the strongest personalities I’ve ever come across. You handled your problems with uttermost grace. It wasn’t easy for a high school student to be outed like that without his own consent but you were patient & tolerant all along. You didn’t care about others opinion when your emails were leaked, you only thought about how Blue would feel & react.
Amidst all this, You’re still You, Simon. You’re still the son whose father depends on him for pretty much everything, you’re still the brother who compliments his sister on her food even when it sucks, you’re still the friend who gets ice coffee for his friends every morning & gives them a ride.

You didn’t plan when one of your biggest choice of when, where and how to come out was taken away from you, but I guess the universe had other plans. Along the line, everyone accepted & supported you and you got to be with Blue, for real this time, not so bad after all, huh?

I’m glad that you weren’t one of those stereotypical teenager who suppressed his feelings cause of what ‘’others would think’’. PS You dressing up as John Lennon & loving Oreos are enough reasons for us to have become best of friends if our worlds ever collided.

Pss You had me at dreaming about Daniel Radcliffe every night.

Written by: Dikshya