Interview With Shreya Sinha – It’s all in the pages:

Q.1 What inspires you to write?

Actually, since my school days I love to write but never thought that one day I would end up writing a book. If there’s one thing that inspires me to write, it’s love—the love of putting my emotions into words. Actually, I had my story with me and there was so much to express. Writing became my way of conveying these emotions. So, I began to put my story into words. Initially, I started writing casually, but as I continued, I felt it could be turned into a book.

Q.2 Tell us more about the book. 

This story is about Dhruv and Eshana, who fall in love. But it’s not just about that. It’s about how waiting and being patient plays a key role in love. Besides this this story will show you how beautifully Love can be the reason behind your new identity. How love can give you a new identity. Basically you will get to know about the power of LOVE through various shades.

Q 3.  Given the complex publishing process in India, what was your experience?

The publishing process in India can often be complex, but my experience with Paper towns (Bookoholics) has been exceptional. The team provided unwavering support at every step, prioritizing my opinions throughout the process. Their dedication and collaborative approach made a significant impact on the successful completion of my book. Thanks to their efforts, the book is now in our hands, and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Paper towns (Bookoholics) truly made the publishing journey seamless and enjoyable.

Q 4. If your book was adapted into a movie, what would be your dream casting?

Well definitely Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani.

Q. 5. If you were to re-create the ending of one book, which book that would be and what would you change?

I wouldn’t want to change the ending of any book. Each book has its unique essence and reflects the author’s intentional choices and vision. When I read a book, I try to immerse myself in the author’s perspective. I try to feel every aspect of each character. Therefore, I have no intention of altering the original ending of any book. If I ever feel the need to make changes to an ending, I would only do so with a story I have written myself, where I can fully express my own perspective and emotions.

Q6 Describe your writing process.

My writing process starts with brainstorming ideas and choosing a topic that interests me. I begin by outlining the main points or events I want to cover. Once I have a clear direction, I start writing a draft, focusing on getting my thoughts down without worrying too much about perfection.

I take a break and come back with fresh eyes to revise and edit. This is where I make sure my writing is clear, engaging, and free of errors. I often seek feedback from trusted readers to improve my work further.

Finally, I polish the writing by checking for grammar and spelling mistakes. Writing is a journey that involves patience and persistence, but it’s rewarding to see my ideas come to life on the page.

Q 7 What genres or topics do you enjoy writing about the most?

When it comes to writing, I find myself most drawn to the contemporary love genre. There’s something captivating about exploring modern relationships in today’s fast-paced world. I enjoy diving deep into the complexities of human connections, capturing the nuances of love, and bringing to life the dynamics between characters. Whether it’s the thrill of new romance, the challenges of long-term relationships, or the unique experiences of finding love later in life, I thrive on telling stories that resonate with readers on an emotional level.

What I love most about contemporary love stories is the opportunity to weave in relevant themes and issues, such as technology’s impact on relationships or the importance of self-discovery and personal growth.

Q 8 Are their specific messages or feelings you hope your readers take away from your story?

Yes, there is a specific message I hope my readers take away from my story: that you should definitely fall in love at least once in your life. Love has the ability to give you a beautiful identity and can become a source of immense strength. Through my story, I want to show how love can shape you, inspire you, and empower you. It’s about finding the courage to embrace love and let it guide you towards growth and self-discovery. I hope my readers come away with a sense of how love can be a powerful, transformative force in their own lives.

Q 9 Last book you read that made you cry.

The last book I read that made me cry was A Love So Special by Deepak Srivastava. The novel realistically portrays the challenges faced by families with specially abled children. One of the most powerful and emotional highlights is the bond between the main characters, Nikhil and Raghu. The book offers a compelling blend of heartwarming moments and intense emotional turmoil, making it a deeply moving and thought-provoking read.

Q 10 Describe a lesser-known aspect of Shreya.

A lesser-known aspect of me is my deep sensitivity. I’m someone who feels things very intensely, and sometimes even the smallest gestures or words can deeply affect me, both positively and negatively. While this sensitivity can sometimes be challenging, as I can easily get hurt by things others might not even notice, it also means that the little joys in life can bring me immense happiness. I find beauty in the smallest of details and cherish the moments that touch my heart. It’s this emotional depth that adds richness to my experiences and allows me to connect with others on a profound level, both in my writing and in my relationships.

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