PHEW! Oh my god, I’m still trying to catch my breath peeps. The adrenaline rush, heart pounding against the chest, fingers skimming through the last pages of a mind-boggling psychological thriller – that was me at 2AM last night!

And I kept thinking about it even after I finished reading THE GIRL IN THE GLASS CASE – the fresh concept, the crisp writing, the terrifying mystery, the relentlessly paced plot, and the unexpected twist after twist, ultimately ending with a mind-blowing climax. Literally

Okay, some background first. THE GIRL IN THE GLASS CASE is a psychological-crime-mystery-thriller where a jealous serial killer is hunting another serial killer for lost limelight. Caught in the middle are two polar opposite female detectives racing against the clock to stop the deadly competition between the serial killers.

To say it was pacy is an understatement. The writing style grabs you by the throat right from the first chapter and never let’s go. In fact, I’ll go a step further and dare you to stop once you start reading. You will finish this in a few sittings, guaranteed.

The author has done a commendable job in crafting such multi-dimensional characters. I especially loved how the character of the two serial killers was sketched – yes, I know, guilty! You’ll love them, you’ll hate them, but most importantly, you will FEEL for them. That’s the mark of well written and thought through characters.

This story will remain with me for a long time. All in all, a definite, 100% recommended.