From a person who no one wanted to a saviour. You have it all.

Dear Clarissa Adele Fairchild,

The Mortal Instruments readers often dislike you and blame you for everything wrong that happens but I am writing to tell you that I don’t think so. In fact, I can and will fight anyone who argues with me on this matter. I firmly believe that you are one of the most powerful protagonists I’ve ever read about. You may have done a couple of mistakes but you were always there to rectify the situation.

I feel so sorry that you had to go through so much all alone because there was a time in your life when your mother was unconscious and Simon wasn’t ready to help, you were all alone with complete strangers and even then you managed to befriend the ones around you and found a way out of the mayhem. You were ready to fight your father and brother for the right reasons and still didn’t lose the ability to love. Even though you were always insecure that you’re somehow like your father or brother, you never let it overcome you. You stood strong and saved the Shadowhunters who weren’t ready to accept you in the first place. Oh Clary, you’re so brave and you have the purest of hearts. To love without expectations, I’ve learnt from you. Apart from fighting, what makes you brave is that you were never afraid of being you!

Even though you were new to the world of Shadowhunters, you never stepped back when you sensed danger. You learned to fight and to create powerful ancient runes. You saved everyone Clary, you did it. You saved your relationship with Jace without hurting Simon (we’re not talking about the beginning 😉 ), you and Izzy became such good friends and Alec, who didn’t like you, in the beginning, started calling you his sister, you’re Magnus’s biscuit and there are many more who became attached to you. You have the power to become everyone’s favourite but still raising your voice on subjects that matter to you.
Dear Clary, all of this shows that you’re NOT a dumb girl who ruins everything instead you are the strong girl who puts everything back to place and nothing would be peaceful if it weren’t for you.

Never feel that you’re unworthy because you deserve all the love in this world.