For you, a thousand times over.

Dear Amir,

I may be writing this letter too soon. The story is still flowing in my veins, I haven’t absorbed your words completely yet and all the things that you did, is coming in front of my eyes.

I am not writing you this because I like you. Or because you were the hero.
I am writing to tell you that we all are like you. We all are scared and want to be someone we are not.

When you wanted to be liked by your father, trust me, I felt you. I understood you when you didn’t run as fast as you could, to save Hassan.

I saw the reflection of our society in you. When you teased Hassan on his mistakes when you didn’t call him your friend, when you prioritized the blue kite before Hassan and when you threw pomegranates at him. We all have faced this, most of the time, rather than fighting with our demons, we become a demon.
I expected a lot from you and I didn’t expect that you would send Hassan back to his place. I cried at that moment. I wanted you to apologize to him and to tell him how much you love him, his loyalty and how he was the hero. “I was still searching for the right words, and I was the writer in the room,” you had me when you said that.

Even after making all those mistakes, all the guilt that you had in your heart, all the regrets that you had, I want to tell you how thankful I am. I want to tell you that you were not a hero but you were the person who made Hassan a hero. And you taught me that even though our life is a mess and whole life, we keep on making mistakes and moving on, there is always a way to be good again.
And in the end, when you told ‘For you, a thousand times over’ to Sohrab, all the regrets and the mistakes that you had committed melted in the sky and evaporated and you became good again.
At that moment, you became who you always wanted to be.