Seductive Affair Review: a tale of two high-profile journalists

“Seductive Affair” is Rishabh Puri’s third book. His last two books were well received and both went on to grab Amazon’s best-seller spot at various times. I found this book to be a quick read for light readers. The title is a bit misleading, though. By ‘Seductive Affair’, one will think it’ll be a bold, intimate, scandalous romance(which I expected it to be), but it’s a rather simple love story. It’s like a crazy, high-school, love-at-first-sight story. Like a typical Bollywood romance. The beginning sets the tone really high and gets the reader hooked.

The protagonist, Prisha, in the beginning, is shown to be very career-orientated but moving further as she becomes more of a romantic kinda girl.

The language is simple (with some errors which I hope editors will look into in the further editions), with no unnecessary difficult words, which makes the book easy to read and fast-paced and hence the pages will keep you glued.

It has a tinge of suspense but a seasoned reader may find the end a bit predictable. Some scenes are cliched as well( like a Bollywood romance as I said earlier).

Apart from all this, it is also captivating (but could have been better) for young people because it perfectly depicts the emotional crisis we face these days and what to do when you face such situations.

In the beginning when Prisha decides to leave Akshay and go against her parents and society aunties and focus on her career, is a guiding light for young people. There’s no person in this world who’s worth, you sacrificing your dreams and if you find someone who is then that person will never let you do so, instead he/she will encourage you in your dreams more than you can ever encourage yourself.

Finally, the epilogue is really wonderful. It’ll make you believe that love is inevitable and that love somehow finds a way against all odds and that you never know when, where, how and in whom you’ll find you “Always”.

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