Raj & Meera – Husband’s Love

Meera was excited. After the marriage, it was the first time when she was visiting her home where she was born and brought up.

She reached to her flat and walked towards the home. Many memories were refreshed during that walk. Lots of thoughts were running through her mind. Suddenly, her thought train got an end when she reached to door. Then she buzzed the door bell once and put her hand down.

Her husband Raj, who was standing beside her, noticed it. He held Meera’s hand in his hand and grabbed her eyes with his eyes. Together, both hands moved towards the doorbell and they buzzed it again and kept belling crazily.

That moment, Meera delivered a light smile to Raj. Raj’s smile acknowledged her beautiful smile.

Within a few seconds, Meera’s mom opened the door. She hugged Meera and welcomed them.

Later, when everyone was seated in the hall, Meera’s mother confessed, “Meera, me and your dad identified you with multiple bells even without even opening the door. You know honey, we missed that numerous belling sound of the doorbells badly, since you left!”

Meera was very happy because her husband scanned this type of little-little happiness from her life, before even marrying with her. He also acted being a childish with her as she always dreamed. Bells did buzz in her heart, as well.

That moment, Meera looked at Raj and two smiles communicated a silent language of an understanding with love.

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