Someone who’s perfect in all imperfection.

Dearest Eleanor,

From the new girl with all mismatched clothes & mad red hair to one of my superheroes, this rollercoaster ride has been inexplicable.
I wish you’d not be so despicable towards yourself. I wish you’d look at yourself through Park’s eyes. How he knowingly turns the pages of his comics slowly, how he make tapes for you; how he wants to take you in his arms.

How he thinks you look like art; how everything in his world gets better when you smile; how he won’t cheat himself out of a single syllable of your name. How he louves you.
I immensely admire you. Beyond words beyond manifestations.

Your sarcasm, your mad red hair; your smart mouth and your tenaciousness. The way you write song lyrics on your books and how you defy Richi. I admire that you loathe makeup and how you strongly stand with head held high against Tina and her flock.
I love how you take care of Park’s possessions. As if they shouldn’t even get a speck of dirt on it. As if no one should even eye it. As if they are the most treasured thing in your universe. As if they are only yours to hold and yours to cherish. My heart shattered with love and pain when you said you don’t like Park; you live for him.

I adore you want to break that song into pieces and love them all to death; just like I want your words carved on my skin, falling out till they turn to dust. My heart aches for the pain you’ve been through. My soul weeps for your plights. And I want you to know that when you sent Park that sacred postcard, it wasn’t only him in utter joy, disbelief, and bliss.

P.S- You are my favorite person of all time too! .
With utmost love and veneration
Yours truly

Saniya Arshad Siddiqui