Set against the backdrop of the majestic Sahyadris in the charming village of Vikramgad, an intriguing story unfolds. This beautiful hamlet—which is neither a town nor a village—becomes the setting for an amazing trip that lasts forever. The mysterious owners, whose family tree extends back to the biggest television company in the nation, present a reality show that aims to solve the secrets surrounding this magical location. Enter famed YouTuber Chandan Mohan, whose mastery of technology sparks a revolution in Vikramgad. With rumors of a fort with the ability to analyze and heal auras spreading like wildfire, the community is filled with suspense and mystery. The locals had no idea that this sudden interest would start a series of events that will permanently change their
Jagruti Joshi, a passionate reader and writer. Born in Dubai, UAE and Brought up in Gujarat, India. Currently she is residing in Kadi City of Gujarat. She has pursued a Masters in commerce. She worked as a teacher of mathematics and social studies and a professor of Law and accounting for four years.
Shashi R Shukla is an aspiring poetess, reader, and multitasker. Her struggles with anxiousness forced her to find her inner poetry. A girl from a tiny town with lofty aspirations, she is passionate about art in all its forms and is striving to realize her goals.
"Nex-Tep is an effort to make the science underlying the art of career creation more approachable. The three-pronged career-building strategy has been proven throughout time. It discusses how important it is to deliver results, stay relevant, and develop your brand when advancing in your profession.
With "UPSC & a Love Story," explore the fascinating world of preparing for the UPSC exam. We provide you five strong reasons in this blog post to put this book at the top of your list of must-reads.
Raised in a military family, Nandini Verma has traversed the country numerous times since her early childhood. As an avid reader and aspiring author of "Hurt Heal and Help," she emphasizes that the book is geared towards those who are lost rather than those who have survived.
Inheritance is a coming-of-age novel based on the search for belonging and finding one’s place no matter how familiar or foreign it may be.
Rushika Deoras is an ambitious author who loves to create captivating stories that dig into the depths of the human experience and take readers to new places. She loves to try out different writing methods. 
THE SIYAPPAS OF BEING “20” is a story where the author, Suhani seeks inner peace and aims to shed the burdens that hinder her path to self-discovery with a desire to bring positive and impactful changes in her and others' life.
Rama Sharma poetess of श्रव्या - ध्वनि अल्फाजों की.