Interview With Rushika Deoras Author Of Shine On Me .

Q 1 Tell us more about the book. 

Shine on Me is based on a journey a girl goes through in her life. Be it handling grief, love, or hatred.

Q 2 Given the complex publishing process in India, what was your experience?

It is a lengthy process and it does get nerve-wracking when you’re excited to publish your story as quickly as possible but the complexities drain down your excitement. Thankfully with Paper Towns, I was relieved by the process of being transparent and it kept me going with the excitement of sharing my story with the readers.

Q 3 Describe a lesser-known aspect of Rushika.

I am a very shy person and it’s difficult for me to share my views vocally. And this behavior makes people think I’m rude and anti-social. But in reality, I’m very soft with the people I love.

Q 4 When did you decide to become a writer?

I was probably 14 when I started writing short stories. But that was just a hobby, an outlet for me. But after I started writing longer stories when I was 17, it gave me some push to pursue it further.

Q 5 Are there specific messages or feelings you hope your readers take away from your story?

This story showcases several phases of life a person will go through. As humans, we do end up making mistakes. Few fix them and grow to be better, few tend to avoid them and consider them as a part of their personality. These complexities make us different. I hope that readers can understand these emotions and have faith that anyone can grow out of their mistakes if they want to.

Rushika Deoras

Q 6 What themes or subjects do you often find yourself drawn to in writing?

I love to write about fallible characters who grow and rise from their flaws. I’m very much drawn to the grey characters who are flawed just like everyone, but aren’t afraid to own it.

Q 7 As your book is about how an event can change your whole life. Can you share an event from your life that changes your life?

My father passed away when I was 17 from cancer. That phase of my life was a big transition from a sheltered daughter to a girl with no support. It was a pivotal point in my life and it made me who I am today.

Q 8 Tell us about the first book you read that made you cry.

I have never cried over a book yet. Hoping to find that book!

Q 9 If your book was adapted into a movie, what would be your dream casting?

Oh, that’s a long shot. Since it’s imaginary I would like Anya Taylor Joy as Hana, and Henry Cavill as Kei. I mean, I can dream, right?

Q 10 Do you believe that a writer needs to have strong emotions?

Even a stoic person can write about stoicism. But a good writer has strong emotions, especially when they have experienced life-altering moments. Gives the story a character no one has ever experienced.