Interview with Anupriya Sisodia the author of A Little More of Love.

Q 1 What inspires you to write?

 I’m inspired by the joy and satisfaction I get from writing. It’s my passion and my outlet. I write because I love it and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’m inspired by the power of words and how they can create emotions, images, and connections. I love playing with language and finding new ways to express myself. 

Q 2 Tell us more about the book. 

A Little More of Love is a sweet and heartwarming contemporary romance novel about Lily, a brilliant baker, and Alastair, a charming billionaire who falls for her. He woos her with sweet gestures and humor, but their whirlwind romance faces challenges, including a shocking secret that could threaten their happiness and ruin everything. From a cozy cafe to the dazzling New York, they explore the power of love, trust, and dreams with mouthwatering baked goods and vivid descriptions of the city. It is a light-hearted and uplifting read, perfect for readers who enjoy clean and wholesome romances with a dash of comedy, a lot of charm, and a happy ending.

Q 3 If your book was adapted into a movie, what would be your dream casting?

Well, I have a dream cast in mind for both Hollywood and Bollywood versions of my book, if it ever becomes a movie. I think Lily Collins and Chace Crawford would be perfect for the roles of Lily and Alastair. They both have the charm and charisma that I envisioned for them. For the Bollywood version, I would love to see Shraddha Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra reuniting after my all-time favorite Ek Villain as the lead pair of my book. I love their chemistry and talent, and I admire them a lot.

Q 4 If you were to re-create the ending of one book, which book that would be and what would you change?

I don’t think I would re-create the ending of any book I have read, sure, I would want some extra information about how the characters are after going through and overcoming the hardships, but I wouldn’t want to change a thing because those challenges and how they deal with them are what makes them fascinating and intriguing.

Q 5 Describe your writing process.

I do not follow a strict sequence of steps, but instead, I move back and forth between different stages of the process as I develop and refine my ideas. I write freely and spontaneously, using my own words and voice as I try to capture the essence of what I want to express without being too concerned about the details or the format. I read and reread what I have written, making changes and improvements until I’m satisfied with my final product. My writing process may not be very systematic, but it works for me. It allows me to be flexible and I can enjoy my writing.

Anupriya Sisodia 

Q 6 What genres or topics do you enjoy writing about the most?

I enjoy writing romance with HEA (happily ever after), paranormal, fantasy, or contemporary, but I’m curious to explore other genres and themes as well. I love creating characters and situations that make the readers feel, and hope the readers can relate to them and enjoy their journey.

Q 7 Are there specific messages or feelings you hope your readers take away from your story?

Of hope and resilience. My characters go through a lot of challenges and hardships before they get their happy endings. I want to show that love can overcome any obstacle and that happiness is possible even after suffering. “Be brave. This too shall pass.”

Q 8 Last book you read that made you cry.

Sadly, I don’t think I have ever shed a tear while reading a book, but when I finish a book, I take a few hours to let it sink in and talk about it to myself before moving on to the next one.

Q 9 Describe a lesser-known aspect of Anupriya.

I’m an introvert with a sarcastic mind and an innocent smile. I find writing to express myself, my feelings, and my emotions easier than speaking them out loud. I’m too socially awkward. And I love mint-chocolate ice cream, which others think tastes like toothpaste.