Learn to live from a boy who wanted to die.

Dear Theodore Finch,

Is today a good day to die? This was the question you asked yourself every day, every morning. Yet you, unlike all people, knew possibly the real meaning of life. I know you are somewhere in another world, a world where you feel weightless, a world where there are no labels, where there are no pretentious people and especially a world wherein Jupiter and Pluto are perfectly aligned in relation to the earth. It’s the Jovian-Plutonian gravitational chamber where everything floats indefinitely.

I want you to know that you are no delinquent, no criminal. You are not an emotional wreck and most of all you are not a freak. The people failed to know you. You loved Violet Markey and showed her the beautiful universe full of hope and possibilities even when your own universe was at the edge. You always wanted to be ‘the boy Violet Markey loves’ and you know what Theo, she loved the only one of a kind Theodore Finch, the original Finch and so did I. I loved the way you lived in the present. You believed in ‘now’. You always saw the good in the world and said if we looked hard enough for it, we’d see it. It struck me and I changed. Everything seems beautiful to me now.

The wanderings of you and Violet in your little bastard(car) not only made a ‘perfect day’ of yours but it made mine too. Theo, trust me, ‘you are all the colours in one, at full brightness’. You are not gone. People like you never go. They always live. You live within me, within Violet. You always wanted to be counted for something, to be a memory, to matter for someone. But Theo, you have become more than that, a lot more. ‘You made me feel gold, flowing too’. Do you know what I like about you, Theodore Finch? ‘Everything’. You are not being remembered, Theo; you are being missed!

From a girl who admires you,