“Wake up, girl!” Review: Niharika’s debut novel is a funny yet serious take on the society’s unreasonable rules

Niharika’s debut novel is a funny yet serious take on the society’s unreasonable rules such as the ‘right age to get married.’ Through her protagonist Naina Bansal, the author guides all the girls in their 20’s how to deal with over-enthusiastic aunties and relatives who just have one goal in their minds; to get you married.

Naina is 22, and it has just been one week since her return from the US after completing her graduation. After living kind-of alone for about four years, Naina has grown wings. She has done things that wouldn’t be approved in Indian society. She doesn’t know what to do with her life yet. And before she could think of it, she finds herself amidst the tornado of ‘let’s get you married.’

She goes with the flow. She tries to an obedient child to her parents. Also, because her tantrums fail against her mother’s tears and her threat to not eat anything. After all, how can you do this to your mother even when she is about to ruin your life? Or maybe there is something you can do? Wake up!

We live our lives being thankful to our parents, following their advice and sometimes doing the exact opposite of what our heart wants. We silently hear the criticism of our parents especially girls! The need for a slim figure, fair skin, cooking skills, dressing sense, etiquettes just because according to them the main goal of a girl’s life is to get married.

Wake up, girl! Serves as a reminder to all the wonderful girls out there! It’s your life. You need to take charge. Make mistakes, learn from them and try to communicate with your parents. After all, they just want to see you happy. You can decide what makes you happy and live the life to your heart’s desire.

A happy and light read, Wake up, girl! Is a good read and every girl needs to pick it up.