Raj & Meera – ‘A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words’

“Nah! I don’t believe in love.” Raj declared.

“Aaaha! And, what’s the reason?” Meera asked.

“Love is nothing, but a waste of time.” Raj shared his view.

Meera pointed to an old couple seated at other table and asked, “Do you think they’re wasting time?”

Raj gazed at them and excused, “Just look at the uncle’s face. No smile at all. Maybe the old lady forcefully asked him to walk here, you see! If they’re not happy together, it’s not love.”

Meera didn’t utter any word, but sipped her coffee.

The next moment, she noticed at the uncle and smiled. Raj saw her smiling so he followed the direction of her eyes.

He noticed, the old man stood up near her lady. He kissed her old lady’s forehead with pride. Then, he took a hold of push handles and dragged her out. The old lady was on a wheelchair, but their love wasn’t.

With smiles on faces, the old couple passed by Raj and Meera’s table. Raj’s perception about love just changed.

Those smiles were truly saying the journey of love they shared.

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