Interview of Simmy Singh – Magar Phir Bhi Author:

Q 1 What inspires you to write? A piece of advice for aspiring writers.

Life and all its varied colors inspire me to write. Sometimes it is about capturing the sublime or the ironical, sometimes it is just an expression of the depth of emotion.

Keep writing, keep reading, and keep fine-tuning your craft.

Q 2 What are some of your life’s passions?

I enjoy reading and traveling. I enjoy exploring how the human brain functions.

Q 3 Do you believe that a poet needs to have strong emotions?

I believe a poet needs to have a strong observation. This observation can be focused inward or outward, or both ways.

Q 4 What themes or subjects do you often find yourself drawn to in poetry?

I am more often drawn to the melancholic themes of life. Ecstasy inspires me to laugh and dance, it does not inspire me to write, or even read.

Q 5 Describe a lesser-known aspect of Simmy.

Simmy is a collector of data – she listens, she observes, she feels, and she puts it all together to form a tapestry of words that others can often relate to.

Q 6 How do you balance your life and find time to write?

Poetry is more a mental labor than physical exertion. Once a thought has begun to take shape in the brain, the brain does not rest (it may be working subconsciously but it does not rest) until the thought has been distilled into words. By the time I sit down to write, my poem or couplet has already been framed in my mind. Also, if we truly love something/someone, finding time for it/them is never a challenge.  

Q 7 How do you see the role of poetry in today’s society?

The role of poetry is what it always has been – articulating the multiple intricacies and nuances of human existence. It allows the poet to express and enables the audience to experience a spectrum of emotions. It can make people feel less alone and more connected. Poetry gives voice to the sublime.   

Q 8 Are there specific messages or feelings you hope your readers take away from your poetry?

I hope when people read my poetry, they experience both the emotions – been there done that, and ohh, that’s new!

Q 9 Tell us more about the book.

Magar Phir Bhi is a compilation of my couplets (sher) that explore the themes of love, life, and longing. The title itself portrays the quintessential dilemma between the head and the heart, between logic and emotions. More often than not, we know which is the right path for us, and yet…magar phir bhi…

Q 10. Given the complex publishing process in India, what was your experience?

My experience with Paper Towns was great. The team was helpful and provided me with all the guidance and support I needed. 

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