In every war, the heart always wins.

Dear Landon Carter,

My god, what’ve you done to my poor little heart? You’re the best coming of age character who’s been residing in my heart, mind & soul forever. Your growth from a self-preserved teen to a self assured young man, from ”I don’t care about anything” attitude to doing things for others & not wanting anything in return is what made you so special.

You always had your steady paced life figured out until Jamie entered your domain. She was everything that you weren’t; the girl next door, the outcast, the weird one, the “never lost her faith in God” type. She made you question your whole existence. From you making fun of her sweaters to fighting for her with every cell in your body is what made me believe in the battle of heart vs mind, where the winner is always the heart.

For a guy like you, who always believed in logic finally listened to his heart. Logic made no sense to fall in love with a girl who always carried her bible, yet you did, logic insisted that marrying someone terminally ill isn’t wise. Still, you opted for it, because you knew no matter what the world thought, she was still the ordinary teenager who searched for answers. You both acted as each other’s anchors. Your journey from a non-believer to a true-believer, you fulfilling her wishes by helping out with the school play, arranging Christmas at the orphanage, getting married in the same church as of her parents, tell me how can a hopeless romantic like me not fall for you? The bad boy gone soft who spent rest of his life in peace knowing that love is like the wind, you can’t see it but can feel it.

PS: Never think that Jamie didn’t get her miracle. Because you, Landon, were her miracle. A phenomenal one. You saved each other.

Written by: Dikshya