10 books you should read if you liked ‘The Fault in Our Stars’

There are some books which leave you speechless, characters that don’t leave your mind. ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ was surely one of those. I’ve read it millions of times but still can’t get enough of this phenomenal storyline. Read it enough of the times and need some other similar books? Here are some recommendations.

Everything Everything

A young adult romance by Nicola Yoon. This would sound a bit cheesy but yes, love did save her life and it did teach her to live. This book might change the way you believe people.

My Life Next Door

Opposites attract. Who has not heard it? But imagining it happen? It’s an all new adventure to take! A girl falls in love with her neighbor. Her mother is against it. What will be the end decision? To know, read this spectacular book by Huntley Fitzpatrick.

Anna and the French Kiss

“Strangers do become friends. Friends do fall in love. And language does become a medium of love. This mesmerizing book by Stephnie Perkins based in Paris has, thus, proven this.”

This is what you’ll say after finishing this one. The city of lights has it all!

Me Before You

Again, opposites attract. An arrogant boy, a bubbly girl. He – all up in formals, she – quirky footwear and striped stockings. Do they fall in love? You know the answer. Read on this one by Jojo Moyes to know what ‘let go for love’ actually means.

If I Stay

This book is a headstart of a new and completely different life. A choice was made and a decision was taken. To stay for love or to go for her family, she decides.

Just One Day

Another book set in Paris has it all – adventure, romance, tragedy. Getting lost in a strange city with someone leaving you can be a terrifying experience. Go through this tale with the story continuing in the sequel ‘Just One Year’ by Gayle Forman.

Eleanor And Park

This one’s one of those school romances which happen on a school bus and luckily end up successfully. Eleanor and Park meet on a ride in their school bus. Helping each other in trouble, Park and Eleanor connect via books and music! What’s needed after that? Gulp in this story of two misfits by Rainbow Rowell.

It Wasn’t Her Fault

It Wasn’t Her Fault is an Indian book by Akaash Neeraj Mittal. This novel is about that true one sided teenage love. This one is a perfect amalgamation of jealousy, romance, tragedy, emotions and what not!

Looking For Alaska

Another by John Green. John Green’s novels have always had something peculiar and uncommon in them. This one is about a boy finding greater perspective of life, and in accomplishing that, he falls in love and then follows a mystery. Experience the thrill of Miles Haulter and unravel the mystery with him in ‘Looking for Alaska’.

All the Bright Places

Two teenagers, wanting to commit suicide fall in love. When Finch makes Violet better, she is unaware of Finch’s depression. What happens next? Where does this relationship go in the end? ‘All the Bright Places’ by Jenifer Niven is quite a mysterious romance.