Dear Auggie,

When you said “I won’t describe what I look like. Whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse,” I really felt sorry for you. When your parents told you have to go to school I know you are horrified, going to school is not an easy thing for a kid after years of homeschooling. But you don’t know, one day you are going to thank your mom for making you to go to school. You have got the best sister – Via. She’s always proud of you. As she said ,If they stare let them stare. You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out ,you are very special Auggie. She is a kind of sister everyone needs to uplift them. Your parents are the amazing souls filled with compassion,care and love. Your mother – Isabel, she’s a very generous woman and she loves and cares you the most. Your father – Nate, he’s very funny and he’s always there to cheer you up.You are very fortunate to have such a lovely family,which many people like Justin crave for. Summer and Jack loves you the most. Major Tom, Miranda also loves you even though she had some issues with via.

Your dad did the right thing by throwing your astronaut suite ,which is gifted by Miranda. You don’t have to hide your face, you are adorable Auggie. Even though you are home-schooled for years you are excellent in academics than many students. You are not a freak ,you are smart. You are funny.You are a kind of friend anyone could ever ask for! Auggie, as your parents believe ,there are more good people on this earth than bad people, and the good people watch out for each other and take care of each other. There are many good people like mom, dad,via, Miranda,jack , summer and your other friends to look after you and they love you. Don’t care about jerks ,don’t give them power over you. I’m sure that one day even Julian, Edward will like you.

Auggie, you made us to learn ‘Be a little kinder than its necessary’. Auggie , now you are not a normal kid who’s obsessed over Star wars. You are a true warrior and you won others hearts at Beecher Prep. Now, I don’t feel sorry for you because you are a Wonder, Auggie!❤️