But if an idea strikes my mind, I chase it and write my heart down through it: Dr Prachi Dabholkar on her book “The Pinky Promise”

1. How did Rashmi’s character come into existence?

Rashmi is a strong, independent, emotional and sacrificing soul. I see all these qualities in every woman I know. At some or other phase of life, each woman displays them. I have closely seen my mother and my aunt (Mavshi) showcasing them, and this is how Rashmi was born for an extraordinary experience for the readers. 

2. Which book is your favourite, and why?

Although I am a writer, I am still not an avid reader. This must be astonishing for a few, but it is the truth. In the vast universe of content, I have hardly stood still. Yet to pen down my favourite book, it has to be House of Cards by Sudha Murthy and The Mister by EL James.

3. Is writing every day a ritual? 

Not really, it is really difficult to write daily with a busy schedule, but if an idea strikes my mind, I chase it and write my heart down through it. So was the case with my first book as well.

4. Describe a lesser-known aspect of Prachi for us.

Honestly, the lesser-known fact about me is that I write. People started to know about this rare aspect after The Pinky Promise got published. 

5. While writing, do you make more of an effort to be original or to offer the audience what they want?

Personally, logical and rational things are where my preference always is. I like things which are simpler, easygoing, relatable and realistic; hence they ought to be original with a touch of spice.

6. What are some of your life’s passions?

Some of the things I enjoy doing are cooking and writing, and I wish to work passionately towards them by developing my own cooking blog. 

7. What should a writer avoid doing when attempting to publish a book?

Worry less and trust the process. At first, things might feel overwhelming but do a good amount of research for all aspects of pre-mid and post-publication. 

8. What is your writing KRYPTONITE?

Not really. As I mentioned, I like my work to be more real and relatable.

9. A piece of advice for our readers, please?

It is difficult to trust a beginner’s work, but it might be worth your effort and time.