What is it about a bookshelf, you ask? Well, what isn’t, we answer. When nothing goes right, go to a bookshelf and pick up a book. It will most definitely make things better. If not instantly, then maybe in a while.

Being a reader, it becomes necessary to have a million books on hand, even if you do not plan on reading most of them. Just the idea that you are surrounded by such beautiful books, in a space that you can call your own, where you can go and get lost in a world of magic, is so comforting. This is why believe, that if there is heaven on this earth, it would be a room full of books. The fragrance that holds us close and never lets go.

Here are some bookshelves that we absolutely adored:

1. Can we agree on how beautiful this is? A room surrounded by books, and a place where you can read them and watch the rain pour on the windowsill.

2. Another small room only filled with the essence of books. Also, how does a window surrounded by loads of books look so comforting every time?

3. What? How is that? What is? How… What? This might seem a little impractical, but look how aesthetic.

4. This is literally a dream. The lights, the swing, the plants, and in the middle of everything, books. How good must it be to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket on the swing and read your favourite book in winters, while the sun rays shine upon you.

5. This is the ultimate ‘stairway to heaven’.

6. We call this ‘anywhere and everywhere’. Albeit certainly not a bookshelf, we all have this version of ourselves hidden beneath us. So, what’s harm in trying it out? Also, how intimidating does this look?

7. Okay. Yes. The whole world needs this. Surely we can’t be the only ones, right? RIGHT?

8. Sweet, cozy, and lit up. What more does one need? A tiny shelter made of books, and we’re set for a lifetime.

9. What if you did not have to move at all, once you began reading? Could anything else be better?

10. A secret room designed as a bookshelf? YES PLEASE!!