This book will take you through plenty of emotions leaving you baffled and soaked in tears.

After reading the blurb, I knew for sure that this book is going to be a very different read. Especially the theme was what intrigued me the most. And the book didn’t disappoint me at all. Who wouldn’t want to know how the life of an artist is? Especially a painter’s.

It tells the story of a penniless kid called Raman, who at a very young age got introduced to the world of colors, brushes, palettes, and canvases.

I liked the correlation of painting to real life and felt glad to be able to understand how much important this art is for a painter. Knowing the world of paintings, seeing it through the eyes of an artist and witnessing the relationship between an artist and his paintbrush are some of the most touching experiences you should look forward to.

The characters don’t need a description because they pull you in and make you feel what they are going through.

This book has most of the things that a reader could ask for. The author has the tendency to make you feel the emotions through simple sentences carrying deep meaning.
In the end, you will be left with a journey completed and an artist’s life lived.

The Paintbrush is a below 200 pager and a real treat to the artists and book lovers as well. A book that I would revisit all the time.

The narrative also doesn’t give us time to think or to predict the ending because things happen really fast. So, before you pick it up make sure that you have shut down every thought you have, make yourself ready for the experiences and yes, don’t forget to keep a box of tissues!