“Just do it” is what the author Abhira says to the new writers

Interview with the author of The First Ray of Moonlight.
Author Abisshekk Budhraja  Pen name Abhira

What inspired your literary curiosity? Is writing every day a ritual?

Ever since I was a kid, articulating words and knowing how to use them has been
something that really intrigued me. Thus, poetry was something I naturally got
interested in very early on. Writing everyday is not necessarily a ritual. I tend to write
when I feel like it.

Describe a lesser-known aspect of Abhira for us.

I like discussing and conversing about philosophical ideas and topics. “Every individual is
different and thus, everyone’s way of living is different.”
Such diverse philosophies, who
won’t like to plunge into it.

What was the source of inspiration for ‘The First Ray of Moonlight’?

The book doesn’t have one specific source of inspiration, it has multiple. Some pieces
revolve around my own life, some around the life of my knowns and some around
fictitious scenarios. So, I guess it can be said everything around was taken as an
inspiration to put down these words.

How did you make that leap of faith, if there was a transition, and how was the journey?

I’d say, I just took it. Cause what happens is, when you keep on contemplating about
taking a particular decision, you never really reach the point of taking it actually and
thus missing the opportunity. I believe in the idea of at least taking some decision so as
to just plunge into it all and then contemplate about what to do next. This way, you
don’t miss the opportunity.

Alternatively, if it’s about juggling multiple tasks, how did you find the time?

The whole book has been written in bits and pieces and that has been done through the
night under the stars. This is so because I find nights really peaceful and easing. So, the
writing part never really required any juggling of sorts with my other work.

Tell us about the first book you read that made you cry.

I can’t think of any such book to be honest.

Any advice for our aspiring writers?

Just do it. At least start something. Take as long as you want. Write whatever you want.
That’s the best thing the writing world has to offer. Plunge into it.

Which animal, and why, best embodies your writing style?

Wolf. Nocturnal Wolves I believe, are what I relate to the most. Through the night,
under the moon, just as a wolf howls his heart out. I do the same. I too howl my heart
out under the moon, just on paper.