5 books to read if you loved ‘The Silent Patient’

There are some books that are impossible to put down and keep you on the edge. They take you places when you are supposed to stay where you are. ‘The Silent Patient’ was surely one of them. Read it and need some other similar books? Here are some recommendations.

Gone Girl

Buy HereGone Girl by Gillian Flynn is a thriller novel in the mystery and crime genre. When Amy disappears on her fifth wedding anniversary all the fingers are pointed towards Nick. With all the eyes on the town’s golden boy, he stands with his twin sister advocating his innocence. And all Amy wants to do from afar is watch her husband fall. What happens when she realizes that she cannot live without him? This one is going to be a must-read for those people looking to find their next thriller experience.

Couple Next Door

Buy HereAnna and Marco have it all- a loving relationship, a wonderful home and their beautiful baby. When they are invited to a dinner party by the couple next door, it is quite hard to pass. Anna wonders what the other mothers in her mom’s group would think if she ever told them that they left their baby home alone. She can only imagine the uncomfortable silence. In this novel the author, Shari Lapena examines, how much will a dinner party cost, when the couple returns to find their 6-month old daughter no longer in her crib.

The Silent Wife

Buy HereJodi Brett is a beautiful and intelligent woman, but she is all about appearances, happy to pretend she doesn’t know about Todd’s numerous infidelities while keeping a perfect home for him. Todd is torn between two women, both more intelligent and powerful than himself. How many nights will he peacefully come home before he turns Jodi into a murderer?

The Girl on the Train

Buy HereRachel takes the same train every morning. The journey takes her along the backs of houses on the street she used to live, watching from afar the couple “Jess and Jason” breakfasting on their deck every single day. And one day she sees something shocking and everything is changed. This story is told from three different perspectives: Rachel’s, Megan’s and Anna’s and covers all the traditional viewpoints of the typical domestic drama.

Sharp Objects

Buy HereThe story revolves around Camille, a journalist fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, whose editor assigns her to write about the recent murder of a young girl while another has gone missing. This is all about familial monsters which inflict serious and lasting damage on the people they ought to. It describes the investigation of crimes that look like the work of an outsider but finds itself taken up by things that go on inside families at the heart of the community. Now Camille must unravel the puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story.