Interview with Devanshi Sharma, author of “No Matter What I Do” & “Imperfect Misfits”

The Bookoholics: Devanshi, at 22, you have written four novels, and interestingly, all of them are love stories. Is that your unending belief in love or just an inclination towards love stories?

Devanshi: Love is one of the most respectful feelings for me. And in my life, respect comes above love. I definitely believe in the love stories that I write, and I do think that love has the immense power of getting the best out of you! Also, it is such a beautiful feeling that it immediately connects you with your readers!

The Bookoholics: Have you ever been in love?

Devanshi: Yes, I am in love with Aakaash, with Tiasha and each new character that I write because they become a part of my life the moment their name is engraved in the book!

The Bookoholics: Congratulations on the launch of your fourth book, Imperfect Misfits. Tell us a bit about it.

Devanshi: A lot of times we hear, ‘they are a perfect couple,’ or ‘they are made for each other.’ And a lot of times while seeking perfection in a relationship—looking towards the family, the habits, the differences, I feel true love gets lost somewhere. So, ‘Imperfect Misfits’ talks about being the way you are—immature, nasty, stubborn, quiet, and then prioritize love over every ‘perfect’ thing. The book celebrates imperfection and celebrates being the way you are! Perfect kyun hona hai, when you can be yourself!

The Bookoholics: Your Facebook profile says you love observing. Is it the observations that have culminated into the book? And how important do you think observing is for writing?

Devanshi: Personally, what we observe around us—that makes us write the stories we choose to write. It’s slightly difficult to believe, but I’ve actually completed Imperfect Misfits in the Delhi metro. I have an endless travel time from Gurgaon to Delhi, and that was when I wrote this book. Needless to say, there are many observations that have seeped in the novel from there. So, to become a good writer, I believe observation is a crucial ingredient.

The Bookoholics: Oh, then, we might call Imperfect Misfits, ‘A Book in the Metro.’

Devanshi: Ha ha! Absolutely. For a writer, each book that he writes is special, but some books have a journey that you would always love to cherish. For me, Imperfect is a journey that has waves of emotions, feelings, highs, and lows and the best part is—I’ve enjoyed every single day writing it. Arup and Stuti, my core team, would know how we’ve managed through corrupted files, loss of edits and much more! But that is precisely the reason Imperfect is the closest bok to my heart till date!

The Bookoholics: While talking to you, we realize that you are a chatterbox. Is that the correct, Devanshi?

Devanshi: It is! The only little point is that I don’t easily get comfortable among people. I am awkward and quiet. But, the moment I find a comfort level, it’ll get tough to silence the chatterbox in me.

The Bookoholics: On a personal note, what does love mean to you?

Devanshi: Love means respect and letting go for me. So, I have observed that till the time we have expectations from a relationship—it might be anything else but love. The moment those expectations start reducing, love exists. And, it is okay to make mistakes in love, it is okay to fall down. What’s really important is to let go. Kuch work nahi kiya toh don’t let it take a toll on you! Move on in life and welcome life with open arms!

The Bookoholics: How easy do you think is moving on from failures—personal and professional? And how would you suggest can we move on?

Devanshi: That’s a brilliant question. You know one way of doing it is—when personal things don’t work, fall back on your professional career and when professional things start becoming problematic, take shelter in the private space. This way, at least that phase passes with less trouble on your mind. See, you have to go through it—the trick is just to find a way that it doesn’t take a toll on yourself!

The Bookoholics: Tell us what writing means to you?

Devanshi: Writing in a word means salt in life. If food is cooked without salt, it wouldn’t taste well. Similarly, if Devanshi’s life is devoid of salt, I’ll too not be able to describe what life then means. Writing is a cure for all problems, medication for all difficulties and support for all high times!

The Bookoholics: What would be one message you’d give to those who are writing?

Devanshi: I’d just say that if you want to write, the first step is to write. There will be failures and hurdles but wo toh honge hi. Let failures come, just trust your story and believe in yourself. What is most important is that you are doing what you want to. You can always be happy about that, no matter what the circumstances.

The Bookoholics: Lastly, what would you say signing off for the readers?

Devanshi: Readers are the ones who make writers. I’d say that without you, narrating stories wouldn’t be fun! So, keep reading!