Life is worth it, in summer and in autumn.

Dear summer,

I know how it feels to live around a bunch of people who are not able to understand your ethereal aroma. You possess the qualities of freedom and independence like no other.

You represent the unpredictability of life and with acceptance, it is not that troublesome to live a life we want. At one point you don’t want to be anybody’s anything and then you’re somebody’s everything. I fell in love with your voice and adorable expression you had when you talked about “The Smiths” and said, “🎶 to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die🎶”. You understand people and their messy behaviour.

You embraced life itself. You’ve shown how anyone could be bizarre and beautiful at the same time. You accept life as it is. The hardest part is you accept everything with so much ease and I can’t imagine how much strength it takes to be so desperate and peaceful all the time. Like a stormy sea with mesmerizing blue waves. Your otherworldly smile can not describe how much broken you are inside and your tears can not describe how much strong you are to bear anything. .
Autumn is okay but summer is love ❤