Raj & Meera – Friendship

Nelson and Tapan were sharing a beer.

That time Tapan recalled something and he shared looking at Nelson, “Hey! You know Furious 7, the seventh series of F&F going to release on tomorrow.”

Nelson drank the last sip from the beer bottle and declared, “Yeah! But we can’t go. You know that! We promised each other to not watch it.”

Meanwhile, Nelson’s mobile buzzed. It was a call from Raj. He picked up the call and from other side voice came, “Hey idiot! Where are you?” Before Nelson could answer, Raj added, “That doesn’t matter! From sources, I booked 3 tickets of Furious 7. As promised, first day – first show. Take your day off, inform Tapan and pick me up from home. Alright?”

“Are you sure? I mean, will you be free buddy?” Nelson tried to excuse.

“Okay! Don’t throw duffer questions and be here on time. Have to go.” Raj added his words and signed out from the call.

Nelson discussed his conversion with Tapan. Hearing to that Tapan smiled and acknowledged, “In that case, let’s do that!”

Next day, as per the plan they picked up Raj from his home and went to the cinema. The movie was interesting. Paul’s scene was a little hard on ’em. Finishing the movie, they came out. They literally enjoyed it.

Before Nelson or Tapan could utter any word, Raj declared, “Now, let’s make a deal. F&F’s eighth part, First day – First show.

Both looked at each other and backup Raj’s word as a promise. Later, they dropped Raj at his home.

Then they started the car’s engine and Tapan said, “Who says Raj is blind? He himself is a vision of our friendship.”

Nelson acknowledged, “Indeed. Although last year’s accident made him blind, he never failed to see us happy.”

Promises kept alive till the end because a friend was blind, not friendship.

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