Raj & Meera – Platonic Love

“I hate you. And you know that.” Meera harshly said.

“Trust me honey, you’re lying, but your eyes don’t.” Raj answered.

“Don’t be a mad kid Raj. You know very well that I can’t be a mom, ever!” Meera added.

“Maybe, that’s why I’m acting like a mad kid lately.” Raj softly acknowledged.

“You always need a baby girl, as you dream. But following to my medical reports, I can’t give you that, ever.” Meera explained.

“You’re more important than any of my dreams.” Raj added, “I promise, I won’t let you feel empty ever.”

…Ding Dong…Ding Dong…

All sudden, a doorbell buzzed. Past memories of Meera interrupted. She remembered in the past how beautifully Raj convinced her for marriage.

The door bell again buzzed and Meera walked to open the door. She was out of her past’s tour and more depressed on that day. She opened the door and found a courier guy standing outside. She received the courier and opened it.

With her surprised, she found “Happy Mother’s Day” card. That time, she was shocked, but couldn’t stop her tear.

She went inside her bedroom. Raj was reading the book. She entered and Raj gazed at her.

She showed the card to Raj and just asked, “Why?”

Raj looked at the card, held Meera’s hand and answered, “Honey! Like every other year, this year too, this card is from your dad.”

“Dad? How? He died like five months ago, Raj!” Meera questioned.

“Well! On one fine day, he shared this secret with me. During his last days, you were his doctor, servant and everything to treat him. Just considering that and many more memories as reasons, he planned this life time Mother’s Day cards for you. You better know how great planner he was, with so many connections.” Raj revealed.

“What?” Meera exclaimed.

“Yes, honey! He wanted to let you feel not only princess, but a mother too, like forever. You’re lucky, Meera.” Raj added.

Meera’s eyes were wet. Raj hugged her in that soft situation. Meera never felt such a special ever before in her life.

Once again, Raj kept his promise and never let Meera felt incomplete or empty.

After all, that night on mother’s day, his version of a lie truly made his wife felt like princess and a mother.

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