Joyce Jomon George on Her Literary Inspiration

Born to Mr. P. A. Philip and Mrs. Kusumam Philip and brought up in the Himalayan country, Bhutan, Joyce Jomon George studied in Phuentsholing, Bhutan and graduated from a school in the border town of West Bengal. She then acquired her Bachelor of Arts degree from Kolkata, Masters of English Literature and Bachelor of Education from Kerala. After working at one of the best schools in Bhutan, Ugyen Academy, she shifted to Jaipur, Rajasthan. At present she is a teacher at St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur.

Joyce Jomon George, author of Chords of Emotions

Chords of Emotions is a collection of poems that Joyce has written over the years when expressing her doubts, worries, feelings, loss, pain and joy seemed easier through words. The title signifies the various phases of her journey so far.

1. What inspired your literary curiosity?

Being emotionally sensitive, it has always been difficult for me to deal with many things that might be trivial in others’ opinion but would drain my spirits to cope with them. It was during my high school and college days when I would enjoy novels like A Walk to Remember or Me Before you. I began to love reading Emily Dickenson and her likes which helped me realise how to express and relieve myself from any hurt or pain through words. I still love reading love stories and motivational works as well.

2. How has your experience in school affected your interest in literature?

Working in a school has helped me read more even if I have to squeeze time for it as it is important for a language teacher to be able to quote, relate, use or even cite examples to students to make our lessons more realistic, interesting and exciting.  Sometimes even a lesson can trigger my thoughts to write. One of my poems in my book was also written during a recess right after one of my classes at school.

3. Tell us about the first book you read that made you cry.

I don’t remember the first book which brought tears to my eyes. However, I remember reading A Walk to Remember and The Color Purple and crying.

4. Is writing every day a ritual?

Writing isn’t a daily ritual for me. I write when I’m deeply affected by something emotionally. Anyone who reads my poems in this book will very well relate to how I feel and what makes me write!

5. Any advice for our aspiring writers?

I see so much talent every day at school and have read so many new authors recently. I guess writing has become a means to interact and convey for many people these days. I would say, if you want to write, you should. If you want to share, you must. If you want to be happy, keep writing no matter what. One day you will certainly inspire.

6. What are some of your life’s passions?

I love watching cookery shows. I enjoy listening to music and writing poems.

7. What is your writing KRYPTONITE? 

I cannot write if someone asks me to write. I cannot write on a random topic that is given to me. I can be true in my words when I go through something I need to vent out or express my feelings when action isn’t possible. My poems are a medium to communicate what I feel.