You have choices of a 80-year old, but I’m in love with you Covey.

Dear Lara Jean Song Covey,

You aren’t perfect. But you never stopped trying to be perfect. You’re a good big sister. You tried your best replicating the custom of your house in the absence of Margot. You made the best lunch for Kitty’s first day of school. You are a great little sister as well. You genuinely understood the love of Margot and Josh and you always tried your best to pretend not loving Josh.

You deserve someone like Peter. K. Yes, Peter K. You never wanted to call him Kavinsky for he always thinks he is super cool, going by his last name. I could really feel the warmth your heart had when Josh told you that you were his first crush. I loved the way you tactfully pulled Peter K in the little drama that you performed to let Josh know that your feelings for him were million years ago. I wondered a lot of times, why Peter K? Why him? But yes, he was always meant for you. Your life became fantasy after you and Peter K turned to be a couple, fake couple though! But all the way through, you always prayed to not fall for him. I wanted to tell you that it’s not just you. Even Peter was pretending it was fake when in reality he was falling for you too.

I wish you would have saved the notes which Peter K gave you every day. Even if it was Gen’s idea, he did it for you. It was from his heart. Listen, Lara Jean Song Covey, I love the way Peter K calls you Covey. You never told him you also loved the way he called you by your last name. I was happy that you had someone to speak your heart out on anything. I also always wanted to thank Peter K for this. He always made you feel special. I am not sure if you felt so, but he did put you first. You have to realize Covey, Love isn’t scary! You don’t have to be scared anymore. Covey, ‘You were never Peter K’s second-best’ and ‘There is no one like you, Covey!’

Written by: Gayathri Ramkumar