A letter to Fred and George

Dear Fred and George,

You’ve earned many names through the Potter series. Troublemakers, rule-breakers, rebels….. Yet for me, you are brave, compassionate, and understanding and just two of my favourite characters who ever exist. It goes without saying that the mischief you both were always up to. It created a whole new dimension in the series. Your distaste for the protocol was because you knew life was too short to follow the rules. Your refusal to bend down under authority showed that you stood up for yourself.

The way you saw a funny side to everything, which some people even called cruel, showed that you saw the positive in everything. You were more than just comic relief. Yet there’s an underlying empathy for both of you. How you accepted Harry as another brother and made him feel better when everyone thought that he was the Heir of Slytherin, or when you gave him the biggest treasure – The Marauder’s Map, or how you played a prank on Dudley because of the way he treated Harry, you showed that you were good human beings.

How you taught Ron to stand up for himself or how you deflated (or at least tried to) Percy’s ego reflected that you didn’t lack compassion.

You were true, brave Gryffindors in every sense of the way. Sneaking in the Butterbeer from The Leaky Cauldron to celebrate Quidditch matches, making Umbridge’s dictatorship collapse without harming anyone, not confining to the norms of society and opening a joke shop because you wanted to keep people happy in dark times…. You saw death in its face and laughed at it. Like the war affected everyone, it affected you too. The two peas in a pod turned into just one, yet in our eyes, you’ll always be Fred and George. The twins who helped an orphan boy to put his luggage aboard the Hogwarts Express without judging him, two of the best members of The Order Of The Phoenix and DA, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Mischief Managed.


A Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes fan.