For the shopaholic in you.

Dear Rebecca Bloomwood,

You’re walking sunshine in form of a journalist that fills every room with warmth and happiness. You brought out the inner ‘Shopaholic’ in me that I never knew existed. Your mind goes off to places where no one else’s does with your witty humour, innovative comparisons & unconventional metaphors that made you the famous ‘Girl on the Green Scarf’.
You taught me that I don’t need a reason to shop and let’s face it, 15 pairs of gloves aren’t nearly enough when you’ve got hands (I couldn’t relate more). And let’s not forget the fact that you’re a great girlfriend to Suze & an even courageous daughter who wouldn’t take her parent’s money to pay off her debts.

Maybe, you’ve told some unconventional lies in your job interview & adapted an unlikely method of procrastinating the debt collector but that doesn’t make you any less human.
Becky, you’re a star, you are #moodgoals, you know your way with words & I envy you big time for that. You made us enjoy life, you made us laugh when you asked a bank company to produce colourful checks & hold sales, you made us cry when you gave up the D&G scarf that bought you love & luck. You were passionate about everything that you did.

Sure you’ve made some mistakes along the way, a lot of them actually, but that’s how you grew & evolved. That’s how I grew, watching you in your journey so far.
From someone who wishes to be the next ‘Girl in the Green Scarf’.

Written by: Dikshya