“Idgaah” is one of my favourite stories : Dinesh Bokade on a discussion about his debut book ‘Platform No. 2’

The author’s favoured genres include crime, romance, thriller, and murder mystery. He discussed how he attempted to keep the characters as real as possible in his first crime-thriller book ‘Platform No.2’. This book is about the story of an Indian soldier, Mayank Joshi, who puts his life on the line for his love, Naina. Excerpts:

1. What inspired your literary curiosity?

Wow!! interesting question. I remember my favourite subject was Hindi because I used to enjoy ‘Kahaniya’, especially the legend of literature Shri Munshi Premchand ji, “Idgaah” is one of my favourite stories. I always wanted to become a writer and was passionate about writing poems, quotes and ‘shayaris’, but I didn’t get a better platform to show my talent during my school days. Then, I got a chance to explore myself and show my talent in college. I only used to write poems and quotes and perform them in the college’s seminar hall. When I was in the second year of my graduation, I fell in love with a sweet girl. Falling in love with her boosted my skills of writing. I used to write poems every next day and write love letters to her, but she was not in my destiny, I got hurt and then decided to stop writing poems. Now, I wanted to become a storyteller, express my feelings, my pain, my happiness and everything through words, and in 2017, I started reading fiction books, newspapers, articles and writing stories. After facing so many challenges, rejections, and being heartbroken, a dream of becoming a published author took birth within me, I started following Indian writers like Novoneel Chakraborty, Ajay K Pandey, Ravinder Singh, Savi Sharma, Chetan Bhagat, and many more Indian authors and their storytelling style inspired me.

2. What is your favourite book genre?

It’s a difficult question for me, but I would like to answer it. Yes, I like crime, romance, thriller-related fiction books. Especially a murder mystery that is full of suspense. 

3. What inspired the book’s characters and plot?

We all are aware that inspiration is everywhere. I answered your earlier question that my favourite book genre is crime, romance, thriller and murder mystery. The characters I have portrayed in my debut book seem quite real. This is the story of an Indian soldier, the main character whose name is Mayank Joshi, I have portrayed him taking inspiration from aspirant soldiers. The plot of the book I have written is based on this saying, “Truth Always Defeates the Untruth.”

4. While writing, do you make more of an effort to be original or to offer the audience what they want?

Look, when an author starts writing a book, he/she always wants to pour words that are related to the real incident. No doubt, while writing, I make more efforts to be original because there are uncountable readers in the world, and not possible to reach them personally to know their interesting areas, but here I assure you whatever I write, readers will actually feel and enjoy my written words, and while reading my book the audience would see themselves in the written characters.

5. What would it be if you could tell your younger writing self anything?

I would tell my younger self that never be afraid to follow your passion, but not rush for it, be stable financially, find a source of income, be independent, choose what is good for you, and try to be a humble, polite and sober, erase the negative people from your life, choose your friend circle wisely, be ready to face unexpected things. Once you think you are ready and now it is the better time to begin work on your dreams, passion or whatever you love to do, just go ahead and do not look back. See, most of the time, you will fall down, but always have hope. A simple secret chant of living life happily is believing in simplicity and always showing mercy to others, and every day, I apply this chant in my personal life. Be a gentleman. Never feel ashamed for getting constant rejections or failure. Welcome them with a smile and learn the lesson. If somewhere you feel that you have made mistakes, it’s okay we all are human beings, and most importantly, do not ruin your life regretting about bad past. Live life as you want but in the right way. Remember, nobody is perfect. All the best.

6. What are some of your life’s passions?

What to say, but I believe life is also an art of living. Most of the time, I ask myself what life is, and the answer I get is “A Journey From Birth To Death.” I feel proud to share that I saved three lives when I was struggling during my college days, struggling for money, education, a good relationship, a friendship. At that time, I had understood the meaning of life. Those three people were about to commit suicide, but somehow, I managed to console them, I could save their precious lives and show them how beautiful life is. I’m proud of myself I have saved three lives. I feel very hurt when I see little kids or handicapped people beg for money middle of the road or in crowded places. I always wanted to join an NGO to contribute something positive, but some life’s chaos stopped me. Often, I find joy and happiness when I heartily help poor people and see them smiling. So, I want to contribute something better as I can, and for that, I have decided to donate fifty per cent of my earnings royalty to needy people or feed them.

7. A piece of advice for our readers, please?

Stop judging people, and try to enjoy your own company. And always accept the truth that “People will come and leave.” Life is more beautiful when you find the purpose of living. And do not stop reading books. Books are great companions for readers.