J. K. Rowling Story

    At age 17, she was rejected from college. At age 25, her mother passed away.

    At age 26, she suffered a miscarriage. At age 27, she got married. Her husband abused her. Despite this, they had a daughter together.

    At age 28, she got divorced and was diagnosed with severe depression. At age 29, she was a single mother living on welfare.

    At age 30, she was suicidal.

    Despite these setbacks, she focused all her energy on what she loved to do — writing.

    At age 31, she published her first book after receiving tons of rejections. By age 35, she had published four books and was named author of the year. At age 42, she sold 11 million copies of her new book on the first day of release. Who is this woman?

    J. K. Rowling

    The author of the beloved Harry Potter series. She is the UK’s best-selling living author with over half a billion Harry Potter books in print in over 70 languages worldwide. She is also one of the wealthiest women in the world. Formerly a billionaire, her net worth dipped below the $1bn mark due to her extensive charitable giving.

    The story of J K Rowling is not any less magical than her books. Before J K Rowling became J K Rowling, before half of the population of the world would know about the child wizard, before millions of copies of her books would sell on day one of the release, Rowling had to work extremely hard.

    She worked hard; she faced rejections and failures. But, she never stopped believing. Rowling never gave up. The idea of writing & creating a magical world was conceived when Rowling was waiting for a delayed train. After her mother’s death, she left her job and shifted to Portugal. Rowling started teaching English and spent her evenings to chalk out every little detail of the magical world.

    When we read her stories, it is essential to know about the back-story.