Let’s laugh in the face of danger and sing Hakuna Matata.

Dear Simba,

The first time when I saw you on the screen, I was merely 3 years old. The little girl in me sobbed when Scar killed your dad. The little girl in me warned you from this side of the screen when Scar took you to the hyenas. The little girl in me cried when you when Scar manipulated you into thinking you were responsible for Mufasa’s death and sent you into exile. The little girl in me cheered when you met Timon and Pumba and sang Hakuna Matata with you, word to word. This little girl jumped with joy as you met Nala again. And the little girl in me had happy tears when all was well and you ruled the kingdom again.

22 years later, this 25-year-old walked into the movie theatre with a little lion tattooed on her wrist only to feel exactly like the little girl again. It was pure magic.

Written by: Ananya Dube