There is a war brewing, and there is nothing we can do about it. The land of Saravat is preparing for a colossal change. Bloodshed is in order.

Our current read has us biting our nails and throbbing our hearts in extreme rush and exhilaration. Emperor of Saravat-The King is Dead, has everything that a war epic promises to be, and much more. From what we have yet read, the story seems subtle, yet there are secrets yet to be revealed that would surely create havoc within the worlds of the reader. All the characters until now, seem to be well written, intelligent, and aware of everything happening around them. The world of Saravat has been built intricately, with every detail unmissable and equally important. As the story unfolds, hidden truths and forgotten pasts are bound to unravel, for which we just cannot wait.

This book is not going to take much time to complete, and to be honest, we do not mind.

About the book-

“The battle is never over until the king is dead.”

War returns to the ancient land of Saravat. King Vijendra of Vajrapur sets out to conquer the continent, and become its first emperor. Standing against him is Vikrant, newly crowned King of Simhasthal, who seeks vengeance for the brutal slaying of his father. The little rabbit, his people call him. Scared, timid, afraid of a fight. And his resolve is tested when Vijendra arrives at his gates with a large army, and the offer of a new alliance. A hard choice lies before Vikrant. Accept, and his family and people will turn against him. Decline, and rivers of blood will flow through his land. His decision will seal not only his fate, but the fate of his people, of his kingdom. And of Saravat itself.