Letter to Harry Potter

Dear Harry Potter,

Though we know that you had received a brook of many letters bombarding on duddley house from hogwarts but I also want to write a letter for you. You know harry when we just saw you in hagrid’s hands for the first time outside at the privet drive that lightning bolt shaped scar divulged many secerets. “One can have many hidden talents within, the wait is over when you clear your vision” The London zoo, reptile house scene was just like a vision clearer for you and ofcourse funny for us. Even you were snickering at what you saw “vanishing glass”. As Vernon and Petunia were keep distracting you from the word magic but then hagrid came to save you on that stormy night somewhere at the sea.Your happiness after getting your first wand at ollivanders and your snowy pet hadwig was just exquisite. The confusion of platform no 9³/4 at king’s cross station was very peculiar for us because you had met the Ronald weasely first time there and of course with hermione with “Oculus repairo”. At Hogwarts, you also prooved that you were not in the seek of fame by choosing Gryffindor, You also prooved your hereditary seeker ability by catching the snitch in your first quidditch match against slytherin.we also saw you to get emotional many times after watching your late parents in the mirror of Erised. The feeling of watching death very nearly comes in a short time at hogwarts in the scene of forbidden forest where you came to know that “voldemort is alive.” In front of the love and protection of your parents and your bravery even voldemort converted into ash and dust when you touched the quirrell in last part.The braveries of you, Hermione and Ron helped your house to win the house cup. And lastly when the year ends, at the station when you said that “You are not really going to home” (because hogwarts was your home ) we all felt that…