1. It was a dream come true! He was actually telling me he loved me, tears in his eyes while he did it. All it took was the removal of three toes and a finger before he gave in.

2. “Whoops” he said, as I felt a sharp flick and something warm splash my neck. In the mirror I could see the barbers face go white, as my shirt slowly turned a bright shade of red.

3. My job was never easy, but it was more difficult whenever i was assigned a child. Nobody warned me that this was part of a hitman’s job.

4. My friend is starting to take his medicine to make the voices disappear. However, I’m not sure I wish to leave.

5. “New year, new me.” I muttered to myself while tossing my old body in a ditch full of corpses, deep in the forest.

6. “My daughter’s smiling face greeted me from my driveway as I returned home from a hard day. Where is the rest of her?”

7. “My brother and I used to knock on the walls at night because our rooms were next to each other. After I came back from the funeral, I still heard the knocking.”

8. “Alone in my room, I sneezed softly. ‘Bless you,’ someone said.”

9. “Yesterday, I figured out how my curse worked. Apparently, only people in danger can see what I write.”

10. “Punctuality has never been my strong suit. As I sit here and watch the last ship leave for new Earth, I wish it was.”

11. I was finishing a horror story, so I wrote ‘The End.’ Then, my keyboard typed ‘is coming’ completely by itself.

12. “When I smiled, she did not smile back. Something is very wrong with this mirror.”

13. “Did you know that there’s no such thing as a ‘left-handed’ person? There are your kind, and then there are those of us who escaped from the other side of your mirror.”