Raj & Meera – Love At First Sight

“Dadu, do you believe in love at first sight?” Dev asked.

“Oh! I bet I do. In fact, I’d been a victim by that game of cupid.” Raj, the old man answered quickly.

“Seriously? You mean, you fell in love at first sight with granny, Is it?” Dev questioned.

“Yeah, I did. It was the first night of marriage when I saw your granny.” Raj shared.

Dev shouted, “What? On the first night of marriage?”

Raj acknowledged, “On those days, we were not allowed to see our bride before marriage. Even on the day of marriage, I was continually trying to catch a little glimpse of your granny.

I was trying badly to see her behind the pallu of her saree, but failed. Then, I focused to observe her walk and body language. The sounds of her bangles, jhumkas and payals were melodious. That’s how slowly-slowly I started to love your granny in marriage function.”

“Wow!” Dev exclaimed, and added, “Dadu! I saw your old photographs. Granny was surely so much beautiful that time, but what if she wasn’t?”

“That time? Let me tell you, she’s more beautiful for me on today compare to the past. The way she care me & became a part of my life by completing me, I found her more beautiful everyday. In matters of love, beauty lies in relation only, not in looks.” Raj explained.

“Never knew that. You must be missing her. Maybe badly?” Dev asked.

The old man smiled and didn’t utter any word, but walked away. Like everyday, sharp at 6:00 P.M, he went to the riverside and had a seat on the bench.

For everyone around, there was only one person seated on that bench. But, the old man knew, he wasn’t alone, he had his company with him, his love at first sight.