Top 6 Publishing Houses in Jaipur

Top 6 Publishing Houses in Jaipur

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Looking for a publishing house to trust with your creative work? After constructive research, we bring to you the top 6 publishing houses in Jaipur to publish your work.

6 Self-Publishing Houses in Jaipur

1. Paper Towns Publishers

Paper Towns is a publishing house started by three avid readers who spent their early twenties to build India’s largest reading & writing community. After working with more than 800 authors, they realised there was a gap between what an author wanted & what was available to them. And no one was ready to bridge it. That’s where they stepped in to build India’s favourite self publishing house. A lot of new authors end up spending huge amounts on just publishing the book with no avenue open for marketing. They end up taking the services they don’t need because no one is there to explain to them what it actually costs to print a book. At Paper Towns India, they believe in creating a balance in the printing process and marketing of the books. After more than 8 years of experience, they know what works for a book and what doesn’t. While their publishing experts create a customized package for every author including only the services profitable to the author, their marketing team works strategically to make sure the book reaches the right audience.

2. RBD Publishing House

The year of 1942 marked the inception of Ramesh Book Depot, now known as RBD Publishing House, under the guidance & leadership of late Shree Radha Krishna Maheshwari. RBD Publishing House is one of the oldest publishing houses in the nation. They have been in the industry from past seven decades almost. They are known for our quality publications in academics. They have more than 1000 publications, both in Hindi and English. Their publication covers a wide range of subjects ranging from science, management, information technology to commerce etc. They cater to the needs of students from schools to colleges, thereby covering a huge spectrum of students from different grades. Their panel of authorities include various vice-chancellors, famous academicians, head-of-the-departments and experts from their relative fields.

3. Wisdom Words 

Wisdom Word Publishing is one stop for all your publishing needs, be it a pre-publishing or post-publishing. They have got you all covered like editing, cover designing, page-setting, ISBN, copyright, marketing, distribution and so on. Wisdom Words Publishing being one of the growing publishing houses holds experienced, young and dedicated professionals who always reciprocate their authors with the Value for Money, Reliability, Transparency, Quality Assurance, Seamless Communication and Time Commitment.

4. Kitabeormai Publications

At Kitabeormai Publications, they work with its writers every step of the way on their literary journey, helping to bring out the most from their work. From an idea and rough draft, to editing and publication, Kitabeormai Publications helps its authors produce high quality, interesting and entertaining books. Their books frequently appear on the best-sellers lists and our authors are among some of the best known in their genre. At Kitabeormai Publications, they believe that every author has a story to tell, and that every story deserves to be told.

5. Neelkanth 

At Neelkanth, they do more than publish B.Tech solved papers and ITI textbooks or polytechnic textbooks, or engineering textbooks. They call themselves knowledge and skill providers who light the path for millions of students and help them to create the future of their dreams. They pride themselves in providing affordable products whether they are engineering solved papers or ITI handbooks or polytechnic solved papers or B.Sc solved papers; which is quite a feat in today’s burgeoning costs! Their race to the top is not just about numbers but also about satisfied and smiling educators, parents, students, and children. Neelkanth believes that its most valuable assets are its people. That is why they believe in enhancing individual achievement and promoting professional growth in a diverse and inclusive environment where innovation is a habit.

6. Hansa Prakashan

Hansa Prakashan was established in the year 1972 for the promotion of Sanskrit literature. Since then, Hansa Prakashan has been continuously publishing and selling syllabus textbooks, supporting and contextual textbooks for schools, colleges, universities, and various competitive examinations. Hansa Prakashan has also published and distributed some of the best books of Hindi and Sanskrit literature. The Hansa Prakashan publication has also been honoured by multiple institutions for its publication and promotion work of Sanskrit and Hindi literature. Many books published by Hansa Prakashan have received awards at the state and national levels.