Has the paper girl now become real?

Dear Margo Roth Spiegelman,

Did you make any new friends? Are you in touch with Quentin and others? Are you okay now? Do you feel that the paper girl has now become real? Did you think about your future? Or did you buy another notebook and now you are planning for your next trip? Are you calling Ruthie every Tuesday?

Oh, dear! You have no idea how your escape made an impact on Quentin Jacobson, and I can’t say about others but ME. I was with Q throughout his journey. I know how he desperately wanted you to be alive, and not found dead like Robert Joyner. I know you once said, you won’t die a death like that, but still.

I was taken aback when you left for New York city leaving Q and others at Algoe who would reach Orlando in 21 hours plus some minutes, I would need Radar for that, but, anyway I wanted you to go lead a life with Q.

Margo, despite what I wanted for you, I also wanted you to choose a life where you will be happy, and be yourself. You are that badass girl who chooses self over others, you know. I mean how did you stop that urge to go hang out with Q the next morning after your adventure, and choose to leave instead? I would never be able to do that. I want to be like you, at least for things like this, sticking to what you wanted, whatever it was.

As Radar said, I’m me, You are you. We can’t become the wounded person. But we can ask them where the pain is. So here I ask you, Margo Roth Spiegelman, how did you stop that urge?

Leave me the clues, I will find the answer.
Written by: Sushritha.