Here’s to a perfect fake boyfriend who will never make you feel like the second-best.

Dear Peter Kavinsky,

You found more than one way to turn my heart in a puddle of mush. Like every time you called Lara Jean ‘Covey’ with a goofy smile plastered on your face, melted my 💓heart. You blew all my expectations of men and made me crave for a fake boyfriend more than ever. Like who doesn’t want a fake boyfriend who would go all the way to the next town just to bring your favourite yoghurt. You just went from ‘ the most popular guy in the school dating the perfect girl ‘ to an adorable friend to Lara Jean. I was incredibly upset with you making Lara Jean your girlfriend just to make your mean ex jealous. But the way you looked at Lara, it was obviously more than pretending.

Your flawless and winsome smile made me smile. The way you put your hands🤚 in the back pocket of her jeans was the most endearing move. It was insanely cute when you wore her scrunchie on your wrist just to keep it safe. Also, the time when you clicked Lara Jean’s pictures for your screensaver. Awwww!!. How jealous you were when you acknowledged that Lara sent these letters to 4 more people..And how excruciatingly funny it was when you described her references as of an 80 yr old women. You were not just a perfect fake boyfriend but also a golden human. How effortlessly you befriended Kitty and how joyous you were to do that. It touched me when the jolly and amusing Peter went to emo state when Lara Jean was angry with you.

There is really something about you that makes you impeccable- you promised Lara Jean to write a note every day and knew how to protect popcorn during pillow fights. But the most crucial part is you understood her and her insecurities. The way you said ” You were never the second-best” made me wish for my own Peter Kavinsky. At the end of the book, only one thing lingered in my mind ” You gonna break my heart, Covey?” coz you did Peter, you dreamy-eyed heart robber, you did break my heart in every possible way and I am happy about it.

From the girl who thinks you are a better fake boyfriend than the one in 18 candles.
-Ridhika Shekhawat