Interview with Shefali Rathore the author of Enchantland:

Q.1 What inspires you to write?

I am a Channel and Medium of Angels and other Divine Beings and hence I write what I am told. I channel “Mahaves”, a group of spiritual guides that includes many beings of light and that’s why I am able to bring forth new concepts and radical ideas which are very different from the mundane. They are the reason why I write, and they give me a lot of different takes on life. These are mostly otherworldly stories that I love and have always wanted to write. I am keen on exploring myself and they also understand my desire to write extraordinary stories and a fresh approach to storytelling that brings excitement in me and those who read my book.

Q.2 Tell us more about the book. 

This book is about a kingdom of fairies known as ‘Fairy Meadowland’ which is magical and full of life. It is overpopulated and it is very much so like here in India when streets are filled with people, and we still find space somewhere or the other. The question as to where to go to find more land arises in Fairy Meadowland and the solution is provided by the protagonist fairy named Twirl.

The fairy army, after a lot of travel across the sea, discovers a land where only toddlers live. These toddlers are super cute, giant, and hefty and they are aware through a prophecy, that certain fairies would reach their land one fine day and that would solve the common problem of ‘space’ and both the kingdoms would benefit from it.   

Q 3. Given the complex publishing process in India, what was your experience?

The publishing industry in India is not cheap and it is expensive as far as self-publishing goes but at the end of the day you don’t have to try to gain the attention of someone who would give it preference like it happens in traditional publishing and you get your book published the way you want it. But along the way I have seen that authors don’t earn that much. But in the longer run, and with much focus given to the author’s platform by the authors themselves, they can earn better.

Also, in traditional publishing, you have to prove your mental and it becomes difficult for a novice to get his/her book published, it is more of hard work, luck, and a lot of patience.

Q 4. If your book was adapted into a movie, what would be your dream casting?

I would cast Kriti Sanon as Twirl and Ishan Khattar as Turner. I would have a mix of Hollywood and Bollywood to make my dream cast for this movie. Also, I would cast a lot of cute and chubby babies and toddlers wherever I could find them. And I would like to be thoroughly involved in the making of Enchantland – the movie. I am very much interested in such endeavors, and that would be the best thing that can happen to this book. I would like a big production house to make a movie out of this book.

Q. 5. If you were to re-create the ending of one book, which book that would be and what would you change?

I read the books the way they are, and I don’t necessarily think that their end should be changed. So far, I haven’t found any book like that.

Q6 Describe your writing process.

I am an Automatic Writer with a difference. As an Angel Medium, I usually write what I get from the Mahaves. I am told what to write and I get help and assistance during the entire process of writing a book and it happens naturally and seamlessly. While writing a book I get filtered visions and words come to me in a sentence or a phrase that had to be interwoven in a sentence. That is the time I have to create a sentence and make it a part of the sequence or a paragraph. Sometimes it comes in haphazard way because of which I have to formulate sentences and paragraphs relevant to the story.

Q 7 What genres or topics do you enjoy writing about the most?

I love to write fiction and fantasy mainly in fiction as I love to create things that are not in front of us or things we have never experienced in our life. Having said that I also like to write fiction that is larger than life and with spiritual elements in it. The story would have in it a message that I would like to convey through the power of words.

I am also a die-hard romantic and hence would also like to write a romance novel soon.

Q 8 Are there specific messages or feelings you hope your readers take away from your story?

The fact that the toddlers are so forgiving and have huge hearts, makes fairies feel safe and comfortable in the land of toddlers, Peekabooville. The way fairies are treated by the toddlers and vice versa is how I envision our society to become because despite all the differences the fairies and the toddlers managed to live together peacefully and with respect for each other.

I also would like to talk a little about the passionate romance between Twirl and Turner who are the Heroine and Hero of my book. The way they truly love each other and are committed to a beautiful relationship, I wish my readers also carry this love in their significant relationships.

Q 9 Last book you read that made you cry.

I don’t remember when I cried reading a book primarily because I often read self–help, spiritual books, and comedy.

Q 10 Describe a lesser-known aspect of Shefali.

I am a fun-loving girl with a sense of humor. I love to joke around but in front of people, I am comfortable with. I love to dance, cook, paint, crystals, and other spiritual things other than tarot. Last but not least, I live my life on my terms and conditions, and I always follow my heart regardless of any situation.  

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