Letter to Ove

Dear Ove,

I am a person from this new generation, who loves technology. In fact, even now I am typing this letter to you from a laptop rather than picking up a pen and paper and writing it. But knowing you, your story and everything you have gone through makes me reflect on my life and realise that there are far more important things in life than just watching the world through a screen that we have become accustomed to these days. Most of us don’t know who our neighbours are, we don’t know their names or what they do let alone help them out in times of need. Hell, if a neighbour reversed a trailer onto my house’s wall my first instinct would not be to help him out but to charge him for the damage. The way you helped The Lanky One and Parvenah on countless accounts makes me think that we live in a world devoid of human touch. The next time I see someone needing help with a car or needs to fix a bicycle it will remind me of you and maybe a part of me will take some time out of my so-called busy life and help them out.

I live in an era where children seem to be too busy to take care of their incapacitated parents. An incapacitated friend is pitied, his family consoled and then left to fend for themselves. Friendships are severed as the memories fade away. Monetary compensations are sometimes given but few offer help when needed. When the people in white wanted to take away Rune, I thought that’s it. Anita is going to be alone. But my faith in you led me to believe that you will help Anita cope with the loss. But the way your community came to the rescue of Rune was something I did not anticipate. It made me believe in the power of people and community. It gave me hope that together we can solve anything. It made me realise that some bonds outlast the people.

Sonja was a character I got to see only through your eyes. I heard her laugh ringing as you did. I felt her positivity around me as you did. I felt the love in my bones every time you thought of her. Love is a fickle friend in the world where I live. I haven’t known such love even existed until I met you and Sonja. And now, I hope and pray under the skies and stars that I am privileged enough to have that someday. You taught me that some things don’t change even when the world around you does. Love, loyalty and friendship. Now I will go forth each day of my life with a new set of eyes, searching for these things that will last and maybe even outlast me. Thank you for teaching me that the world can be a beautiful place as you learnt it.

With hopes and dreams,

One of the 300 people whose life you touched.