Review: Together Forever To Never by Satish Goyal

Together Forever To Never is a reminder of how often we ignore the red flags in a relationship and continue pouring our love because that’s what we expect in return.
It’s a story of Gurgaon boy, Samar, who falls in love with a beautiful girl from his neighbourhood. The affection is mutual, and it finds a new height when Samar and Monali find themselves in the same coaching class for CA. The relationship turns into true love, a promise of forever. Samar and Monali get married and are the envy of all friends and family alike.

You will feel like you are rushing through the fairy-tale that Monali and Samar are living. There are a few romantic moments that get you all excited and doe-eyed, but the author doesn’t dive into an explanation. There are very few scenes and dialogues. The book is more of a story told from Samar’s perspective as if he recalling all that happened. The author tells you Samar’s story, and it’s not painful to read. You can go along with it.

Samar loses Monali to an accident. Samar and his 5-year-old, Aman, are now grieving a love they never imagined they’d lose. How Samar gets out of the grieving and tries to find a footing in life is something a lot of the readers can use. It’s good advice. He goes through depression and seeks the help of a physiatrist. This comes as a breath of fresh air for Indian teenagers who go through a breakup or loss and find it difficult to reach out for help.

Samar finds one more chance at love through Sariyanka. It’s quick and unbelievable for Samar, but he goes through the flow. Sariyanka is younger than him, but Samar believes her to be his destiny. He rises to the occasion and tries to believe that God is giving him one more chance at love. He pours his heart out and this time hopes for a forever with the love of his life. Though life has something else planned for Samar. One day a single revelation unspools the web of lies he was stuck into.

A tale of love and deceits, Samar holds you throughout his story, but the lack of proper closure will leave you with an uneasy heart. It’s a great read for people who have been cheated and lied to in a relationship. The characters are pretty much flat. Only Samar’s side of the story makes it less impactful. It’s like listening to only one side of the fight. Samar’s son Aman is never found again in the story after a brief mention even after Samar says how much he loves him. Something seems missing but a good one for a debut author.