When black and white meets colour.

Dear Ove,
Honestly, I didn’t like you either and judged you for being grumpy, as everyone did. You were so much involved in always being right and doing the right thing that it started annoying me. I ignored you for being so right every time. You like everything perfect and you like doing simple things. You are contented with a roof on your head, sausages in your plate and with your tools. But, this is not it, Ove.

When you gave that shirt for ironing before meeting with the love of your life, Sonja, or when you randomly ask ‘will you marry me?’, you made me look at you differently. And, then I realized that you liked doing the right things and little things. When you lost your child and burnt in the self-guilt, I wanted to hug you and to tell you that it was not your fault. I liked you when you went to the gravestone of Sonja and kept the cat with yourself because Sonja would have liked it.

The simplicity, which you made me discover, was much needed as we always want big things from life and in mid of all those things, we ignore the simplicity and the originality of how beautiful it is. You had your philosophy and you spent your life, following it. And, finally, you won my heart when you bought I-pad for the seven-year-old. Why so cute, Ove?

And in the end, I want to tell you, cars do tell us about how a person is. Don’t they?

From your next-door neighbour, who always break rules,