Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?

Dear Ron Weasley,

You were my favourite Harry Potter character from the very first. You are the most loyal person I have ever known. You know, I feel bad that everyone fusses over Harry and Hermione but not over you as much as them. You are underrated, and I hate it. You are my favourite Weasley. You are the truest Griffyndor I have ever known.

Well, many people ship Hermione with Harry but trust me, it’s you whom Hermione would always go with, you two had chemistry from the very first and that isn’t to be ignored. You two are perfect. Romione is beautiful. Well, you are very humorous and you used your humour in the right place. Well, you were being a git during the yule ball but I know you had your own reasons too. You were the one always overshadowed by the ‘boy who lived’ and ‘the brightest witch of her age’. And yet you never complained. You might have not been rich but your heart, your mind it was richer than many other people. You protected Hermione from the first yet no one noticed. In your first year, you were ready to sacrifice yourself for Harry’s sake. You destroyed a Horcrux fighting your darkest anxieties and fear of losing Hermione. Well you had me right from the first. Your “accio brains” in such a desperate situation worked as a good stress reliever trust me.

Well, you were an excellent keeper you know that, right? You don’t have an emotional range of a teaspoon, you have a lot of emotions and those are beautiful. Weasley, you are indeed our king. You are my king. (Sorry Hermione!)
“Bloody hell!!” Don’t disinherit your grandchildren though if they don’t get sorted into Gryffindor!!. And I know that everyone stares at you because you are “extremely famous”!

Yours Samriddhi